common clock problems

Common Clock Problems and How to Fix Them

houseSoh Apr 22, 2024

Clocks, essential for timekeeping and organization, occasionally encounter issues requiring troubleshooting and repair. Whether you own a wall clock, grandfather clock or alarm clock, this guide offers solutions to common problems, ensuring your clocks run smoothly.

Slow Timekeeping: Address slow timekeeping by replacing the battery if necessary, adjusting the pendulum for pendulum clocks, cleaning the mechanism and removing any obstructions hindering movement.

Clock Stops Working: Troubleshoot a stopped clock by replacing the battery, winding mechanical clocks fully, checking the power source and inspecting the movement for visible damage.

Incorrect Time Display: Correct misaligned hands or incorrect time displays by adjusting the hands, resetting the clock or synchronizing with an external time source.

Clock Chimes Incorrectly: Fix irregular chimes by checking and adjusting the chime hammers, aligning the chime rods or resetting the chime sequence according to the clock's instructions.

Uneven Ticking Sound: Resolve uneven ticking sounds by tightening loose screws, lubricating the movement with clock-specific oil and balancing the pendulum for pendulum clocks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Battery Replacement Frequency: Replace batteries every 12-18 months or as recommended by the manufacturer.
  2. Reasons for Time Loss: Clocks may lose time due to low battery, mechanical issues or external factors like temperature and humidity.
  3. Time Reset Procedure: Reset the time using controls or buttons designated for time adjustment, following the clock’s user manual.
  4. DIY Clock Repair: Basic repairs like battery replacement are feasible for DIYers, but complex repairs require professional assistance.
  5. Chime Synchronization: Refer to the clock's instructions for chime synchronization procedures or consult a repair specialist if unsure.
  6. Dealing with Noisy Movements: Lubricate moving parts with clock-specific oil and inspect for loose parts; seek professional help if noise persists.


Clocks, integral to daily routines, demand occasional maintenance and troubleshooting. By addressing common issues promptly and correctly, you ensure their continued functionality. Whether it’s slow timekeeping, a stopped clock, incorrect displays, irregular chimes or ticking irregularities, following these steps will keep your clocks running smoothly. For complex issues, consult a professional to maintain the reliability and efficiency of your timepieces.