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Dedicated to restore your clock to its original glory. With specialized experience from the simplest timepieces to the most intricate masterworks, our team possesses the expertise and precision to breathe new life into every tick and tock.

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Clock Repair Specialist

Jam May May is a revered family-run business nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur (KL), boasting a fully equipped workshop and a captivating showroom. Our legacy is built on nurturing enduring relationships, often becoming a cherished part of family traditions passed down through generations. Renowned for our mastery in clock repairs and restoration, we offer a comprehensive range of services.

Step into our showroom and immerse yourself in a world of exquisite timepieces. Discover an array of Japan brand clocks for sale, including wall clocks, wooden clocks, melody clocks, pendulum clocks, cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks, mantel clocks and alarm clocks. Every clock and watch undergoes meticulous repair and restoration by our skilled craftsmen, backed by generous 6 months guarantee.

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Clock Repair Service

We offer comprehensive clock repair and restoration services to ensure that your cherished timepieces continue to tick with precision. Our skilled horologists possess a deep understanding of clockwork mechanisms, allowing us to expertly diagnose and repair a wide range of issues, from minor adjustments to complete overhauls. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Alarm Clock

    Repair the movement to ensure the alarm sounds at the desired time, every time.

  • Wall Clock

    Thorough inspection, cleaning, adjustment of hands to ensure your wall clock functions its best.

  • Cuckoo Clock

    Careful examination of the movement, cuckoo bird and bellows system.

  • Melody Clock

    Inspect and adjust the movement to ensure accurate timekeeping and proper melody performance.

  • Pendulum Clock

    Carefully examine and repair the pendulum mechanism to maintain accurate timekeeping.

  • Mechanical Clock

    Check for any worn or damaged parts and provide repairs as needed.

  • Multitime Clock

    Thorough inspection, repair to ensure all displays show the correct time.

  • Grandfather Clock

    Inspect and adjust the movement, ensuring proper timekeeping, pendulum swing, chime mechanism.

  • Tawaf Clock

    Repair the clock movement to ensure it runs counterclockwise accurately.

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Make a statement with a custom clock unlike any other

Create Your Own Unique Clock

Ever dreamt of owning a one-of-a-kind clock? With our custom clock creation service, you can turn your imagination into reality! Simply provide us with your desired clock face from an alarm clock or any other clock, and let us work our magic. We'll expertly attach it to a clock body, using unconventional items like your car steering, to create a truly unique timepiece that reflects your personality and style.

  • Steampunk Gear Clock
  • Vinyl Record Clock
  • Bicycle Wheel Clock
  • Steering Clock
  • Custom Logo Clock
  • Laser-Cut Wooden Clock
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Clock Repair Process

Bring it to us. Let's bring your timepiece back to life.

  • Evaluation

    We begin by carefully examining your clock to assess its condition and identify any issues that need attention.

  • Repair

    Our skilled technicians repair your clock, using precision tools and techniques to restore its functionality.

  • Testing

    After repairs are complete, we thoroughly test your clock to ensure it's running smoothly and keeping accurate time.

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